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Frequently asked questions

  • Are you open to longterm partnerships?
    Absolutely! I view every "client" of mine as a partner. In that sense, your business is my business. I especially love when these relationships extend beyond a one-off project. This gives me the opportunity to dive deep into your business, systems, and processes, and allows me to provide the most value that I possibly can!
  • What industries have you worked in?
    I have served businesses related to marketing, SaaS, real estate, lighting manufacturing, grant and foundations, and even beverage distribution. Because no-code lowers the barrier to development, I am able to flexibly adapt to various industries, applying my skillset across numerous use-cases.
  • What services do you provide?
    I help streamline SMBs with no-code business apps, automations, and other tools. Common examples include client portals, internal portals, databases, workflow automations, administrative automations, and project management solutions. However, I do not only function as a no-code engineer but also as an operations consultant, offering expert analysis on your business issue, app idea, project, or questions. In short, I analyze big-picture operational goals or projects, and am technically competent to implement solutions that meet those goals and bring those projects to life.
  • What does it look like to start working with you?
    The very first step is to book a discovery call (see below). In this free thirty minute period, we'll dive into your business issue, app idea, project, or questions. If further clarification and discussion is needed, we'll have another discovery call. After that, the project or need for consulting is usually clarified enough to begin working together. Once our project has been thoroughly scoped, I'll send a formal proposal and contract to you. Or, once our consulting relationship has been established, I'll send a simple contract over so we can begin working together!
  • What do you charge for your consulting & no-code services?
    When a project is lower in ambiguity and can be thoroughly scoped, my partners typically work with me at a fixed cost (per project or per milestone). When a project is high in ambiguity, my partners typically work with me on an hourly rate. My hourly rate is $100 USD, but I am more than willing to discuss both my rate and the mode of compensation (fixed vs hourly).
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