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Joel Lee


Consultant, Partner, Servant

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Internyl Consulting

Equipping SMBs with custom business solutions.

I help SMBs solve business issues, build technical solutions, and bring ideas to life. My background in operations, along with my blended skillset of strategic thinking and technical competence, have allowed me to forge a strong track record of delivering on complex business issues & initiative projects.

I have implemented numerous business solutions such as databases, client portals, workflow automations, project management tools, and business intelligence dashboards. While I hold several certifications for tools that serve as my “primary tech stack,” my fundamental approach is tool-agnostic. This means that I will both research and implement whichever tools are best suited for your particular business, project, or issue. 


I have served partners in various industries including law/legal services, manufacturing, philanthropy, online education and tutoring, beverage distribution, SaaS marketing, real estate marketing, and more.

Internal Tools | Client Portals | Process Automation | Business Apps | Business Intelligence | & More

Free Discovery Call

30 minutes to clarity.

My Services


Projects with clear deliverables and set timeframes


Business and technical consultation calls, and co-building sessions

Ongoing Support

Business and technical consultation calls, and system or process updates/additions

Fractional Partner

Business and technical consultation, strategic planning, research & development, ongoing support, and projects

Hear from my partners...

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